The Virtual Learning Academy

Virtual Learning Academy

The Virtual Learning Academy goes beyond remote pandemic learning; students will develop collaborative relationships with NNPS VLA faculty and their peers to build a strong understanding of course material.  Students enrolled in the VLA program will still be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities and athletics at their assigned school.

High school courses in the VLA will include a blend of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (independent) instruction led by NNPS teachers. There will be a variety of online course offerings, including English, math, science, history, electives, and honors and Advanced Placement courses. Specific course offerings will be determined based on student enrollment and teacher availability. The VLA is committed to meeting the needs of a diverse student population and advancing academic outcomes by providing equitable access to the learning environment for all students.

The VLA is open to rising 9th through 12th grade students who thrive in a virtual learning environment. Ideal candidates are self-directed and digitally confident students. Interested students should review the student characteristics and responsibilities listed on this site and complete a self-assessment to determine if the Virtual Learning Academy would be a good fit for their learning experience. Current NNPS students will need to login to Canvas with their NNPS credentials. Students who are not enrolled in NNPS, may access the PDF version of the self-assessment here.

Current NNPS students may access the VLA application in StudentVUE on May 10, 2021. The deadline to apply for the 2021-2022 school year is Wednesday, May 26, 2021. The application for non-NNPS students will be available on this website no later than May 21.

Upon enrollment, students must commit to the VLA for the entire school year. There will be full-time and part-time options available. Students and families are invited to learn more by viewing the following informational webinar.

About the Virtual Learning Academy

The NNPS Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) is an online learning option for students in high school. These rigorous classes meet or exceed Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOLs) and align with NNPS graduation requirements.  Web-based classes include core subject matter content such as English, math, science and history as well as electives, special education services, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Specific course offerings will be determined based on student enrollment and teacher availability.

High school students enrolled in the NNPS Virtual Learning Academy must take part in an in-person orientation at the start of the school year and may be asked to meet with teachers in-person for select screenings, assessments, or conferences.

VLA Course Offerings

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all students have the option to be 100% virtual?

For the 2021-22 school year, all students in grades K-12 will have some form of virtual learning options. K-8 students who are eligible and interested in virtual learning may be able to take classes through Virtual Virginia. All 9-12 grade students and middle school students who meet certain criteria will have an option to participate in NNPS-provided virtual learning courses. From 2022-2025, we will expand NNPS-provided virtual learning opportunities to include all MS, HS and some ES students as well.

What courses will be offered?

A course list has been developed based on current virtual offerings from WHRO and VVA as well as courses that could be offered by an NNPS teacher. The courses included on this list has been determined by a committee of stakeholders that includes school leadership, C&D, teachers, and technology.

Will students still be enrolled in their currently assigned school?

Yes, they will be able to participate in any clubs, organizations or sports at their assigned school if they meet the criteria for participation.

What grade level(s) will be considered?

The VLA will be open to all rising 9th-12th grade students in the 2021-22 school year. However, priority will be given to 11th and 12th grade students.

When will students be notified of acceptance into the VLA?

Students who complete the application prior to May 26 will be contacted by an NNPS staff member prior to the last day of school.

Can VLA students participate in marching sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities?

VLA students will still be enrolled in their "home" school and will be eligible to participate in all school activities, such as, clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities.

If enrolled in a magnet school program, will VLA students be able to continue taking magnet courses?

Yes, if they are taking VLA classes part-time. Magnet students will remain enrolled in their magnet school while taking classes through the VLA. Magnet course offerings will not be offered through the VLA.

Are Achievable Dream Middle/High students eligible to attend the VLA?

No. Achievable Dream Middle & High is a specialty school, so students will not be able to attend the VLA and remain an Achievable Dream student.

Are International Baccalaureate (IB) classes offered?

IB classes will not be offered through the VLA. IB classes are only offered at Warwick High School as a specialty program.

Will students be required to turn their video on during synchronous learning times?

The VLA teachers and staff will work to create a safe and engaging learning environment which will encourage students' active participation. The VLA staff will make every effort to meet students' needs in this unique learning format.

VLA Learner Characteristics

Students in the Virtual Learning Academy, will be provided many opportunities to exemplify the attributes of the NNPS Profile of a Learner.

NNPS Profile of a Learner

The VLA student is committed to achieving their learning goals and willing to take on the challenge of learning in a virtual environment.

Student & Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Attendance: VLA students are still bound to the attendance requirements outlined in Virginia state law and stated in the Rights and Responsibility Handbook. Students are expected to attend school in the virtual setting daily, provide emailed notes from the Parent when absent, and make-up work within a reasonable period as outlined.

Ethics: The rules of conduct for students in NNPS extend to a reasonable degree of enforcement over students enrolled in the VLA, including more restrictive, or adjusted expectations of students consistent with the program's mission and design. VLA students recognize the unique circumstances of their learning environment and are committed to working honestly, will avoid cheating, and other acts of misrepresentation. Students that are chronically unable to adhere to expectations may be considered for a change in educational assignment to include withdrawal from the VLA, the steps of review are outlined in the Rights and Responsibility Handbook.

Enrollment: Students enrolled in the VLA remain a member of the student body of their zoned/magnet school. They are encouraged to attend sporting events, school assemblies, school dances, graduation, and other in-person school events according to their preference. Grade level assessments, end-of-course examinations, and other tests offered by the division will be completed on NNPS campuses and administered by NNPS staff. Practical arrangements such as transportation and scheduling will be communicated in advance to students and families.

Safety: NNPS is committed to providing a safe and encouraging learning environment even in a virtual setting. Students and families can support these efforts by being mindful and maintaining appropriate electronic communication whether in virtual classes, chats, breakout rooms, or sending an email. Any forms of cyberbullying will not be tolerated.

Technology: All NNPS Virtual Learning Academy students are expected to sign on and participate in daily instruction using a school division-issued laptop; WiFi hotspots are available to students without internet connectivity. The devices remain the exclusive property of NNPS. VLA students have the responsibility to adhere to the Technology Device Agreement, and the Acceptable Use of Computing Systems by Students. In addition, students must promptly make their teachers aware of needed repairs, technical issues, or internet challenges that interrupt the learning, or prevent assignment completion.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

The role of the parent/guardian is absolutely essential to the successful academic growth of the student.

  • The parent/guardian is to be an active participant in the delivery of resources provided by the virtual school.
  • The parent/guardian is responsible for maintaining a schedule of instructional opportunities and ensuring that the student is progressing at a pace that is meeting the individual needs of the student.
  • The parent/guardian is responsible for keeping scheduled appointments and maintaining contact with teachers and staff throughout the school year.
  • The parent/guardian must utilize an active ParentVue account to review current academic progress and communication with teachers and staff.

NNPS staff will work with the parent/guardian to assist students in achieving their maximum academic growth in all required subject areas throughout the school year. Go to ParentVue.

How to Apply for Virtual Learning Academy

Students are selected for the NNPS Virtual Learning Academy through an application process. The steps to apply are as follows:

  1. Review Virtual Learner Characteristics
    Students and families should review all information on this page to decide if the Virtual Learning Academy will meet their learning needs and goals. Please contact your school counselor or principal if you have any questions.

  2. Take Self-Assessment
    Students should take this self-assessment, which is located in Canvas. Click the "Enroll" button to open and view on the Canvas Dashboard. Directions on how to complete the self-assessment have been included in Canvas.

  3. Apply through StudentVue
    After completing the self-assessment, login to StudentVue between May 10-26 to complete the application. The application will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Once submitted, an NNPS staff member will be in contact with you no later than June 2 to discuss next steps.

Upon enrollment, students must commit to the VLA for the entire school year. There will be full-time and part-time options available.